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A deadly fungus killing oak trees along the coasts of central and southern California appears to be creeping farther east, with one case recently c

Union Democrat Oct 21 2016 - 01:42

Q: I found that one of my Shasta daisies has Botrytis.

News-Sentinel Oct 20 2016 - 22:57

It’s truffle season and Armani/Ristorante in Dubai is serving up a special tasting menu to celebrate the beloved fungus.

dubaiinformer.com Oct 20 2016 - 12:41

As 'ōhi'a die off, species that rely on the trees for habitat, like the Hawaiian 'i'iwi, face hard times.

science.sciencemag.org Oct 20 2016 - 11:15

You see a cluster of unassuming mushrooms at most 6 inches high and ¾ inch across, but it’s what you don’t see that’s the mind boggling story behin

gardeningknowhow.com Oct 20 2016 - 06:43

DPI Plant Biosecurity Director, Dr Satendra Kumar, said DPI has joined forces with Local Land Services and industry to kerb the disease and eradica

Narromine News Oct 20 2016 - 03:23

Almost overnight, they pop up in the forests, along logging roads and in backyards: It’s mushroom time all along the Oregon Coast.

coastweekend.com Oct 20 2016 - 01:00

“The fungus that causes smut does not itself produce toxins, and studies in sheep have shown it does not affect feed intake.” Corn smut is caused b

farmprogress.com Oct 19 2016 - 23:34

The sign goes on to explain that: “When this happens the colony fails to survive.

The Guardian Oct 19 2016 - 17:07

Spraying leaves from barley plants with a liquid containing long RNA molecules helps them to fend off fungal infection.

Nature Oct 19 2016 - 14:44

Astroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Barrett's Esophagus Celiac Disease Cholesterol Crohn's Disease Gastroenterology Hepatitis Hepatolog

bioportfolio.com Oct 19 2016 - 09:08

Fiona Wishart, a ranger with Falkirk Council, said the 10.6kg (1st 9lbs) fungus was so heavy she had to get help from a colleague to carry it back

Sky News HD Oct 19 2016 - 09:01

A giant puffball mushroom found by a countryside ranger was large enough to feed 15 people.

STV Oct 19 2016 - 07:06

A countryside ranger was left stunned when she stumbled across an enormous fungus weighing almost two stone - enough to feed her 15 hungry colleagu

Daily Mail Oct 19 2016 - 03:38

For many people who are suffering from foot fungus, which is also known as athlete's foot is not a good idea to wear open toed shoes or sandal

artipot.com Oct 19 2016 - 01:37

Fingolimod is a drug used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS), an autoimmune disease.

THE CONVERSATION Oct 18 2016 - 18:49

If you were thinking that coconut oil could potentially be effective for treating nail fungus, then you would be correct.

earthclinic.com Oct 18 2016 - 13:55

Meet the Lichen Katydid, an insect that has such impressive camouflage skills that it can hide in plain sight when walking on a lichen (a plant-lik

sploid.gizmodo.com Oct 18 2016 - 12:01

Toe nail fungus can be one of the hardest diseases to cure owing to the trouble to fully eradicate the infection.

BoldSky Oct 18 2016 - 08:19

He’s the one cackling and giggling in the background of the 2005 tape as Donald Trump brags about kissing and groping beautiful women.

ethicsadvicelineforjournalists.org Oct 17 2016 - 14:11

They found that they could easily cultivate a fast-growing fungus, Neurospora crassa, which then becomes the carbon-based electrode, in the wastewa

Tree Hugger Oct 17 2016 - 08:49

Foot fungus is very unattractive condition that is difficult to treat. Some creams can have very serious side effects.

worldhealthinfo.net Oct 17 2016 - 05:35

In the face of a potent fungus that has wiped out 90 percent of New Jersey’s hibernating bat population in recent years, a William Paterson Univers

North Jersey Oct 16 2016 - 23:45

A: Cedar-apple rust is one of several plant diseases that are all caused by different species of a fungus called gymnosporangium.

Madison Oct 16 2016 - 22:40

Researchers from UPM id reveal how mould from humidity caused by rotting fruits and vegetables unfolds a surprising strategy to infect plants.

News-Medical Oct 16 2016 - 18:58

In the face of a potent fungus that has wiped out 90 percent of New Jersey’s hibernating bat population in recent years, a William Paterson Univers

North Jersey Oct 16 2016 - 15:31

Kenji Suetsugu, project associate professor from Kobe University’s Graduate School of Science discovered the plant on the island located off the so

The Marshall Town Oct 16 2016 - 14:26

Truly nothing.” And a great percent of the losses are due to one disease: Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, sometimes called BD or the chytrid fungus

healthfreedoms.org Oct 16 2016 - 10:23

The largest living thing on the planet is not a whale or any other animal you might expect.

The Business Insider Oct 16 2016 - 00:29

In this case, the Boulder team's process is a little like beermaking itself, in that it requires the help of some beneficial fungus called Neu

Canal CNC Arauca Oct 15 2016 - 11:14

"And they can't just dump it into the sewer because it requires extra filtration".

Mag-Series USA Oct 15 2016 - 09:27

Crohn’s disease, named after the physician Dr.

choosehealthylife.com Oct 15 2016 - 05:52

About Nail Fungus Treatment: How To Naturally Cure Nail Fungus in 30 Days: You don’t have to live with the embarrassing condition of nail fungus fo

awesomegang.com Oct 15 2016 - 04:26

The "silent hunt" is in the blood of almost every Russian.


Researchers in Australia and around the globe are trying to breed new varieties of Cavendish in a bid to protect supply of the world's most po

ABC Online Oct 14 2016 - 23:11

A 2.4mile wide honey fungus stretching across the Blue Mountains in Oregon, USA is actually the world’s largest living thing.

www.thesun.co.uk Oct 14 2016 - 18:11

Explore the wondrous world of fungi!

Boston Oct 14 2016 - 13:24

And no, that is definitely not a good idea. Yeast is a fungus, so yeast infections are fungal infections.

Refinery29 Oct 14 2016 - 12:56

If you suffer from discolored, brittle, and warped toenails, this could mean that you have a fungal infection.

littlethings.com Oct 14 2016 - 07:48

Please be aware that due to the fact that we use third-party statistics to create our product evaluations, they’re completely unbiased.

vnulab.be Oct 14 2016 - 06:51

Truly nothing.” And a great percent of the losses are due to one disease: Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, sometimes called BD or the chytrid fungus

Vox Oct 14 2016 - 05:10

It is inevitable to experience skin fungus at some point of our lives, because they live almost everywhere.

howng.com Oct 14 2016 - 04:49

Mycologist and author Lawrence Millman gives a presentation at Creamer’s Field in Fairbanks. Photo by Ned Rozell. Alaskans love fungi.

Press Release Point Oct 14 2016 - 03:01

Blackcurrants were outlawed in America in the early 1900s because they spread a fungus that killed white pine trees.

The Business Insider Oct 14 2016 - 00:45

The first problem comes down to bacteria.

Yahoo News Oct 13 2016 - 20:35

If you’ve reviewed the research indicating that trees – and actually all plants – communicate through an internet of fungus and send nutrients to n

trueactivist.com Oct 13 2016 - 18:48

There is fungus among us, especially in our warm season grasses. Diseased grass has been the bulk of our office calls the past couple of weeks.

The Augusta Chronicle Oct 13 2016 - 13:47

There’s octopus salad, Cubano sandwiches, braised goat and more.

San Jose Mercury News Oct 13 2016 - 02:55

In just over a decade, the local Fungus Among Us weekend events have just, well, mushroomed.

Pique News Magazine Oct 13 2016 - 01:51