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The nails are a part of the body that is usually overlooked.

secretlyhealthy.com Oct 27 2016 - 08:22

Recycling has been an essential human activity ever since early cave dwellers fashioned new tools from flint and bone reclaimed from old or broken

Daily Nation Oct 27 2016 - 06:35

The pictures show a plant root, which is populated by the fungus Piriformospora indica. The green color reveals where the protein FBG1 is located.

Phys Oct 27 2016 - 02:39

Mushrooms, a member of the fungus family; rich in protein, Vitamin B, and minerals, are edible cash crops with a large global demand.

startuptipsdaily.com Oct 27 2016 - 02:17

Scientists say the fungus, which is passed on through mating, will infect our native species which are already under threat from habitat loss.

Coventry Telegraph Oct 27 2016 - 00:59

Repeat this several times daily. You can also substitute salt with rice.

healthyfoodusa.com Oct 27 2016 - 00:09

It’s also possible that Shakespeare’s “tooth of wolf” may refer to the black spur-like fungus called ergot - its German name is Wolfzahn, or wolf’s

The Guardian Oct 27 2016 - 00:01

What is this type of fungus found near Linton? It was soft to touch and appeared to be erupting out of the ground. T & W S., Lake Wendouree.

The Courier Oct 26 2016 - 23:26

Did you hear the story of a fungus meeting algae; they took a “lichen” to each other (insert groan).

Vindy.com Oct 26 2016 - 23:18

Soy sauce is no longer considered an exotic Asian ingredient but a pantry staple that’s found on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores

Yahoo News Oct 26 2016 - 13:53

About Dyadic International, Inc. Dyadic International, Inc.

TMCnet.com Oct 26 2016 - 13:46

It was foul-smelling, and I tasted it, it was really sour. And when my husband took it out of the box, it was all fungus beneath it.

SBS Oct 26 2016 - 13:39

(Arvind-Moudgil/ HT File Photo) The Corbett Tiger Reserve’s special operation group along with police arrested a Ramnagar resident and seized from

Hindustan Times Oct 26 2016 - 12:27

MADISON, Wis., Oct.

United Press International Oct 26 2016 - 11:15

As if the emerald ash borer wasn’t enough for homeowners and gardeners to worry about, there’s another blight that could threaten local trees.

WXXI News Oct 26 2016 - 11:01

It’s mushroom season big time!

foxonanisland.com Oct 26 2016 - 10:40

We have been getting those long needed summer showers. And I have had numerous calls concerning lawn diseases.

Picayune Item Oct 26 2016 - 05:10

Scientists say the fungus, which is passed on through mating, will infect our native species which are already under threat from habitat loss.

Mirror Oct 26 2016 - 04:49

PTFE is non-wetting, non-stick, friction-free, non-brittle, non-toxic and anti corrosive material.

prsync.com Oct 26 2016 - 00:31

Yeast is a fungus that normally lives in the vagina in small numbers, according to WebMD.

magazineforhealthy.com Oct 25 2016 - 19:31

What happens when Fungi that depends on wind to spread their spores, lives in a dense rain forest that is essentially windless.

sciencevibe.com Oct 25 2016 - 16:53

What happens when Fungi that depends on wind to spread their spores, lives in a dense rain forest that is essentially windless.

sciencevibe.com Oct 25 2016 - 16:53

Students of a General Biology II course at Rappahannock Community College recently spent a class period in the field, collecting fungi of various s

Chicago Tribune Oct 25 2016 - 14:37

Horses in southwestern China are a potential source of human infections caused by the diarrhoea-causing parasitic fungus Enterocytozoon bieneusi, r

Horse Talk Oct 25 2016 - 13:04

Oak wilt, a fungus that kills those stately and often beloved trees, has been found on an oak in Canandaigua.

Democrat and Chronicle Oct 25 2016 - 09:22

Steer away from the organic choices (or rotate your stores regularly); consuming a little preservatives won’t hurt you for a couple of days and you

thefirearmblog.com Oct 25 2016 - 05:04

The Whistler Naturalists would like to thank everyone who participated in another fun Fungus Among Us Mushroom Festival.

Whistler Question Oct 25 2016 - 03:39

Snakes have a well-earned reputation as silent and deadly killers. But there’s another predator that quietly hunts in the wild.

Washington Post Oct 25 2016 - 01:58

Detroit has been in the news a lot lately for its innovative approaches to urban farming and local sourcing.

Model D Oct 24 2016 - 22:31

Goggla shares these photos (and that was her headline!) from Tompkins Square Park...

evgrieve.com Oct 24 2016 - 17:52

As ABC News reports, the Massachusetts senator joined Hillary Clinton for a campaign event in Manchester, New Hampshire today, where she sang the D

Jezebel Oct 24 2016 - 16:11

The Gin Bothy, an artisan distillery in Angus, carries a sign outside reading “Sloes welcome – payment in gin”.

foodanddrink.scotsman.com Oct 24 2016 - 15:36

Yeast infection refers to the infection caused by the fungus candida albicans. Yeast infections are also known as candidiasis.

worldhealthinfo.net Oct 24 2016 - 12:58

USGS scientists and partners detected Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola, the fungus that causes snake fungal disease (SFD), in at least 20 states in the ea

www.usgs.gov Oct 24 2016 - 11:18

Media reports, including newspapers such as the New York Times, have linked coffee leaf rust—also known as CLR or roya—with climate change, but the

Breitbart News Oct 24 2016 - 08:19

HALSEY — CentralLinnElementary School will be closed Monday and Tuesday, after school officials found a fungus-like substance in the ceiling, accor

Albany Democrat-Herald Oct 24 2016 - 04:23

Toenail fungus can cause some serious pain. This type of fungus develops when a dark and warm place holds moisture.

healthywhispr.com Oct 24 2016 - 04:08

Fears that climate change is triggering a coffee killing fungus which could wipe out plantations are unfounded, a new study suggests.

Daily Telegraph Oct 24 2016 - 00:12

General Finishes Exterior 450 is fortified with UV absorbers to minimize fading and built-in mildewcides to help retard the growth of mold and fung

Beaver County Times Oct 23 2016 - 20:59

In the face of a potent fungus that has wiped out 90 percent of New Jersey’s hibernating bat population in recent years, a William Paterson Univers

WMUR Oct 23 2016 - 03:27

If an acrylic or false nail is damaged, a gap can occur between the real and the fake nail.

m.jamaicaobserver.com Oct 22 2016 - 23:45

The giant honey mushroom in Oregon is now recognized as the largest single living organism in the word. It is a fungus.

American Thinker Oct 22 2016 - 23:16

A few years ago, a large American beech tree died. Eventually, the large trunk weakened, and it probably was a wind storm that brought it down.

Southeast Missourian Oct 22 2016 - 21:57

The effect of global warming on fungal disease in frogs and toads has been quantified by researchers for the first time, a new report outlines.

Science Daily Oct 22 2016 - 16:57

Fungal diseases are not the first thing that come to mind when you get sick, but they are something that you and your healthcare provider need to c

myhealthyreason.com Oct 22 2016 - 10:23

“Be aware of common ailments of the season like athlete’s foot, blisters, nail fungus, foot odor, and warts, and the foot fixes that can help cure

WisNews Oct 22 2016 - 07:53

HILO >> Hawaii agriculture officials are recommending that the quarantine on ohia trees be made permanent to help prevent the spread of a dea

Honolulu Star Advertiser Oct 22 2016 - 02:31

Richard Wilson, associate professor in the Department of Plant Pathology at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, has earned a $570,000 grant from th

High Plains Journal Oct 22 2016 - 00:57

It’s advisable to do this everyday. Little by little you will start to see the positive results.

steptohealth.com Oct 21 2016 - 23:39

Since its introduction in the mid-2000s from Europe, the fungus has plagued the hibernating mosquito eaters.

Missouri S&T News and Events Oct 21 2016 - 11:57