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Dennis Kunkel Ph.D.
Photomicrographer, Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.

Dr. Kunkel is an award-winning photomicrographer whose images appear worldwide in print, film, and electronic media. He received technical training in specialized microscopies while earning his undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Washington in Seattle. In the course of his studies, and during the research career that followed, his skill as a microscopist allowed him to make significant contributions in the fields of botany and neurobiology. Collaborative efforts with fellow researchers produced results in other disciplines of science (including zoology, microbiology, and materials science). Forty-eight research papers authored or co-authored by Dr. Kunkel appear in scientific journals between 1973 and 2001. Dr. Kunkel is always interested in photographing new organisms. If you are a researcher that is interested in having some images of your organism or bug taken, please contact Dr. Kunkel. Dr. Kunkel provides images for educational use in return for being able to use the image on his web site.

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