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This was back on January 21st.

OPB Apr 14 2020 - 14:25

A phase 1 trial of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate has begun enrolling subjects at the highest dose.

FierceBiotech Apr 14 2020 - 05:05

Ahead of its Vaccines Day event today, Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA) reports positive results from a Phase 1 study of its Zika vaccine candidate mRNA-1893.

Seeking Alpha Apr 14 2020 - 05:04

The Company is also announcing new positive interim Phase 1 data from its Zika vaccine candidate (mRNA-1893).

Business Wire Apr 14 2020 - 04:35

Biotech company’s CEO says the positive experience with experimental vaccines so far makes him more confident that the Covid-19 vaccine will work.

Nasdaq Apr 14 2020 - 04:13

CEO of Moderna says the positive experience with experimental vaccines so far makes him more confident that the biotech company’s Covid-19 vaccine

Barron's Apr 14 2020 - 04:00

The pandemic has given us a unique opportunity to open ourselves to the possibility of personal transformation as a step towards creating values wh

Daily Maverick on MSN.com Apr 13 2020 - 19:26

New York, April 13, 2020: The global Zika Vaccines market report provides geographic analysis covering regions, such as

MarketWatch Apr 13 2020 - 03:59

given the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the recent outbreaks of Ebola and Zika.

Devex Apr 13 2020 - 03:08

He gave Zika, Ebola and the hantavirus as some examples, among others. “So why should China get a pass?” he asked.

NJ.com Apr 11 2020 - 14:49

"Zika is from the Zika forest. Ebola from the Ebola river. Hantavirus from the Hantan river," he began.

TooFab Apr 11 2020 - 14:40

Maher goes on a rant about how we’ve always named viruses after their places or origin saying, “Scientists, who are generally pretty liberal, have

The Mary Sue Apr 11 2020 - 14:40

“Scientists, who are generally pretty liberal, have been naming diseases after the places they came from for a very long time,” Maher said.

Heavy.com Apr 11 2020 - 12:34

Liberal political commentator Bill Maher on Friday slammed SJWs for giving China a pass on the Wuhan coronavirus.

Townhall Apr 11 2020 - 07:50

From India to Nigeria, many countries about to face coronavirus pandemic need help from the global aid community to overcome this crisis.

YAHOO! Apr 10 2020 - 23:38

“Scientists, who are generally pretty liberal, have been naming diseases after the places they came from for a very long time,” he said.

The Daily Beast Apr 10 2020 - 23:18

The report titled “Zika Virus Testing Market” report will be very useful to get a stronger and effective business outlook.

galusaustralis.com Apr 10 2020 - 23:03

The late-night host used his New Rule segment on Friday to explore the history of diseases being named after the places they came from, such as Zik

The Hollywood Reporter Apr 10 2020 - 22:49

The U.S.

San Antonio Express-News Apr 10 2020 - 10:20

The U.S.

Stars and Stripes Apr 10 2020 - 09:36

Zika virus is transitioning to become a long-term public health challenge, and countries should remain informed of the risk for emergence.

Medscape Apr 9 2020 - 21:15

Zoonoses that emerged or re-emerged recently are Ebola, bird flu, Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), the Nipah virus, Rift Valley fever, sudd

ReliefWeb Apr 9 2020 - 04:53

REDMOND, Ore. (KTVZ) -- State Rep. Jack Zika (R-Redmond) called on the Oregon Legislature and Gov.

KTVZ Apr 8 2020 - 23:59

About two-thirds of emerging infectious diseases in humans — including COVID-19, SARS, MERS, Ebola, HIV, Zika, H1N1, cholera and almost all recent

The Press of Atlantic City Apr 8 2020 - 21:00

Once busy tracking Zika and Lyme disease, students at University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley campus in Edinburg have turned their attention to COVID

San Antonio Express-News Apr 8 2020 - 12:31

A familiar face in the world of vaccine development is once again in the middle of efforts to develop a a new upper respiratory virus. VGXI Inc.

Houston Chronicle Apr 8 2020 - 12:20

The leading infectious disease expert said an end to handshaking could also cut the number of influenza cases.

Newsweek on MSN.com Apr 8 2020 - 04:09

The federal response was chaotic. Even so, the state’s and city’s own initial efforts failed to keep pace with the outbreak, The Times found.

New York Times Apr 8 2020 - 00:16

Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma on Tuesday stated that the strategy adopted to fight the Zika virus was not being used to fight COVID-19.

RepublicWorld Apr 7 2020 - 23:19

Rajasthan Health Minister Raghu Sharma on Tuesday said that a strategy adopted to fight the Zika virus in 2018 is not being used against COVID-19.

Webindia 123 Apr 7 2020 - 21:55

Europe, in early April, remains the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic — where the outbreak, uncontrolled, morphed into catastrophe.

YAHOO! Apr 7 2020 - 21:24

IIL is already working with Griffith University for conducting R&D of Zika virus vaccine which is currently at pre-clinical toxicology testing

The Financial Express Apr 7 2020 - 14:32

Kobinger was a key scientist leading the creation of an Ebola vaccine and has successfully worked to fight other epidemics, including the Zika viru

PRI Apr 7 2020 - 13:44

In the years since, as American workers were exposed to other serious infectious diseases, from tuberculosis to Ebola and Zika, OSHA officials bega

Government Executive Apr 7 2020 - 04:09

In the U.S., the pandemic preparedness team at the White House's National Security Council (NSC) was tracking it daily, even as President Trum

YAHOO! Apr 6 2020 - 19:41

Waging war on a disease is such a familiar trope it passes almost without notice: the “fight” against AIDS; the “struggle” to “conquer” smallpox, m

Yahoo! News Apr 6 2020 - 17:03

We can’t say we weren’t warned.

Devex Apr 6 2020 - 14:02

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, or BARDA, was created to invest in drug development projects that private industry woul

STAT Apr 6 2020 - 13:10

Earlier this year, Mirko Cortese, a postdoc at Heidelberg University in Germany, was busy investigating how the flaviviruses dengue and Zika create

The Scientist Apr 6 2020 - 12:32

But one area to look at is global cooperation.

The Diplomat Apr 6 2020 - 11:34

Infectious diseases such as Ebola, Influenza, Zika, MERS and the recent pandemic that is still spreading, cause enormous loss of life

PR Newswire Apr 6 2020 - 06:00

The study from Monash University showed that a single dose of Ivermectin could stop the coronavirus growing in cell culture.

News18 on MSN.com Apr 5 2020 - 03:31

Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, describes the coronavirus pandemic as the greatest public health crisi

CNBC Apr 4 2020 - 12:26

It employs some 22,000 epidemiologists, biologists, behavioral scientists and others.

Alaska Dispatch News Apr 4 2020 - 07:36

Ivermectin is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has also been shown to be effective in vitro against a broad range of viruses including HIV,

MSN Apr 4 2020 - 00:49

MEXICO CITY — There were major hurricanes, and the global financial crisis of 2008.

Daily Press Apr 3 2020 - 17:09

A team of Australian researchers at Monash University in Melbourne have found that Ivermectin — an FDA-approved anti-parasitic drug that has been u

Futurism Apr 3 2020 - 14:24