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Beginning in November, blood banks across the U.S.

Times-Leader Sep 26 2016 - 08:45

Beginning in November, blood banks across the U.S.

The Weekender Sep 26 2016 - 08:31

Dr. James R.

www.greenwichsentinel.com Sep 26 2016 - 08:23

KUALA LUMPUR: A decision whether pregnant women should undergo abortion if suspected of being infected with the Zika virus must be based on medical

freemalaysiatoday.com Sep 26 2016 - 08:16

MIAMI — The mayors of Miami-Dade County and Miami Beach accuse the Florida Department of Health of lying after the state agency said last week that

Tampa Bay Times Sep 26 2016 - 05:32

Sanofi SA said on Monday the U.S.

Reuters Sep 26 2016 - 04:56

The funding from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) will be used for mid-stage trials, expected to begin in the fir

Reuters Sep 26 2016 - 04:56

The 2-month-old baby looks exceptional. She's crawling forward at an age when most infants cannot even roll over.

NBC News Sep 26 2016 - 04:20

This month, the first group of babies in Puerto Rico known to have been exposed to the Zika virus in their first trimester are being born.

New York Times Sep 26 2016 - 03:37

The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) is giving Sanofi $43.18 million to fund the manufacture of a Zika vaccine.

pulseheadlines.com Sep 26 2016 - 01:35

Over the past months, as local governments strained their budgets to pay for the fight against Zika, Florida has left largely untapped a $27 millio

The Miami Herald Sep 26 2016 - 01:28

The Philippines on Monday reported its first known case of a pregnant woman infected with the Zika virus that threatens unborn babies, as authoriti

MSN Sep 26 2016 - 00:31

You probably have heard about the Zika virus up until now.

www.consumerhealthdigest.com Sep 26 2016 - 00:02


Fox Sports Sep 25 2016 - 23:12

They had both been to areas where Zika virus is being transmitted locally, specifically Mexico and Nicaragua.

Canal CNC Arauca Sep 25 2016 - 21:32

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (CBSNewYork/AP) — If you’re planning on traveling to St.

CBS New York Sep 25 2016 - 21:25


english.sina.com Sep 25 2016 - 21:18

MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The Department of Health (DOH) on Monday, September 26, said the Philippines now has a total of 12 cases of Zika vi

Rappler Sep 25 2016 - 20:42

MIAMI — As the Zika virus spread across Miami-Dade County this summer, a tiny staff of 17 that handles mosquito control for nearly 2.7 million peop

Virgin Islands Daily News Sep 25 2016 - 14:15

CEBU, Philippines - A recent news report in the The Freeman relayed the announcement by the Department of Health that the country now had its first

Philstar Sep 25 2016 - 12:21

A city worker fumigates the area to control the spread of mosquitoes at a temple in Bangkok, Thailand, September 14, 2016.

thelakeandeswave.com Sep 25 2016 - 09:43

The DOH directed a more intensive mosquito control campaign to prevent the spread of the virus in other areas.

Canal CNC Arauca Sep 25 2016 - 09:36

They acquired the virus through mosquito bites, Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial told reporters on Tuesday.

larampadinapoli.com Sep 25 2016 - 09:15

"Zika may spread to other areas of Southeast Asia but to what level is hard to predict".

inewstoday.net Sep 25 2016 - 09:08

Ubial said they can also provide other areas with test kits if it has been established that there has been local spread of the Zika virus.

Mag-Series USA Sep 25 2016 - 09:00

Now that a Zika virus case has been confirmed in Yuma County, Director of Public Health Diana Gomez has dispelled some myths concerning Zika and ha

THE YUMA SUN Sep 25 2016 - 09:00

Quest Diagnostics announced a new antibody test service — based on the Zika immunoglobulin M antibody capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay dev

Healio Sep 25 2016 - 08:10

Trinidad and Tobago has 489 Zika cases to date, with 19 of them in Tobago, and the number of Zika-positive pregnancies stands at 294.

Trinidad Express Newspapers Sep 25 2016 - 03:31

The peak season for the spread of mosquito-borne illnesses has come and nearly passed without a single confirmed case of Zika transmitted in Texas.

expressnews.com Sep 25 2016 - 02:05

The mayors of Miami-Dade County and Miami Beach on Sunday accused the Florida Department of Health of lying after the state agency said last week t

Bradenton Herald Sep 24 2016 - 22:02

COLLEGE STATION – Today’s news is flooded with reports on Zika; none of them good…until now.

North Texas e-News Sep 24 2016 - 21:48

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County has announced that Zika virus risk assessment and testing for pregnant women is being offered in

Florida Keys News Sep 24 2016 - 21:48

Federal health officials credit aerial spraying with halting the outbreak of Zika in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, which had been under a trav

myhealthbowl.com Sep 24 2016 - 21:12

The National Institute of Health has published its Boletín Epidemiológico for week 37.

crofsblogs.typepad.com Sep 24 2016 - 20:29

My family, meaning myself and two older family members (late 60s, mid 70s) like to go away for Christmas. Past trips include Cuba and Italy.

ask.metafilter.com Sep 24 2016 - 19:24

A new report by the CDC states the number of local Zika cases has risen to 204.

ABC 7 News Sep 24 2016 - 09:30

Zika virus was recently found in West Michigan with 30 confirmed cases this month, including nine Ottawa County residents.

Grand Haven Tribune Sep 24 2016 - 09:16

SAN ANTONIO -- The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District has confirmed two cases of the Zika virus in San Antonio.

news4sanantonio.com Sep 24 2016 - 09:16

The Zika virus has struck fear throughout the Americas, but determining whether people have been infected can be difficult.

Los Angeles Daily News Sep 24 2016 - 08:12

A new report suggests that a Republican Senate-backed bill providing funding to victims of the Zika virus might open a door for Planned Parenthood

thelibertarianrepublic.com Sep 24 2016 - 08:04

Argentinian and Brazilian doctors claim that the addition of a toxic pesticide to Brazil’s drinking water is to blame for the increase in birth def

thecenterofthedecentralized.wordpress.com Sep 24 2016 - 07:57

A recent report by Florida health officials details how aggressive mosquito control efforts and other emergency interventions including aerial spra

www.healthunits.com Sep 24 2016 - 04:08

Reported Zika cases in South Carolina have dropped in recent weeks, a trend experts are cautiously optimistic about as summer fades.

The Post and Courier Sep 24 2016 - 03:54

Health officials have recently announced the victory of Zika pesticides against the mosquitoes carrying the disease.

themonitordaily.com Sep 24 2016 - 02:57

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) — The refreshing sounds of nature can be really annoying to mosquitoes.

WTHITV 10 Sep 23 2016 - 22:53

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health is exploring plans to set up a national surveillance programme to monitor the development of babies born to pregn

Astro Awani Sep 23 2016 - 21:34

SINGAPORE: Singapore is exploring plans to establish a national surveillance program to monitor the development of babies born to pregnant women in

freemalaysiatoday.com Sep 23 2016 - 21:20

MIAMI (CBSMiami/AP) — The Zika outbreak in Miami’s Wynwood arts district was narrowed down to three businesses with outdoor areas shared by employe

CBS Miami Sep 23 2016 - 21:20

SINGAPORE: At the end of the fourth week since the first locally transmitted Zika case was announced in the Republic, the number of new patients af

Channel News Asia Sep 23 2016 - 20:16