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As the coronavirus pandemic has escalated worldwide, we’ve all been asking ourselves how we can best respond – as nonprofit leaders, as funders, as

Forbes Apr 30 2020 - 07:01

Preliminary data showed coronavirus patients who took Remdesivir recovered 31% faster than those with a placebo. Dr.

YAHOO! Apr 30 2020 - 04:57

Three of President Donald Trump’s worst character traits are proving to be catastrophic for the U.S.

HuffPost on MSN.com Apr 30 2020 - 01:54

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Houston Chronicle Apr 29 2020 - 19:31

An experimental drug developed in Oceanside is showing great promise in shortening the duration a person is sick with COVID-19.

Fox 5 San Diego Apr 29 2020 - 18:56

If nurses don’t take care of themselves, how will they be able to care for others?

The National Interest Apr 29 2020 - 14:53

The largest study of NHS patients with Covid-19 has shown it to be an “incredibly dangerous” disease with death rates comparable to those for ebola

The Times Apr 29 2020 - 08:00

President and CEO of the ONE Campaign and former ambassador to USAID Gayle Smith says this pandemic "strikes the hardest at people who have th

CBS News Apr 28 2020 - 19:56

Sean Doyle, a 31-year-old medical student at Emory University in Georgia, is one of the volunteers getting shots as part of a COVID-19 vaccine tria

YAHOO! Apr 28 2020 - 16:08

"We have no reliable data" on coronavirus treatments, one researcher said. How that could change over the next few weeks.

Business Insider Apr 28 2020 - 09:29

An Ebola patient who escaped from a treatment centre in eastern Congo earlier this month has been hiding in an area controlled by local militia gro

Reuters Apr 28 2020 - 05:10

The peer reviewed journal Vaccine has published the results of a mouse study demonstrating efficacy of the Company's Ebola vaccine.

YAHOO! Apr 27 2020 - 23:03

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Slate Apr 27 2020 - 14:53

A scientist and epidemiologist who was on the front lines of the Ebola fight says the way the coronavirus spreads through asymptomatic people made

Orlando Sentinel Apr 27 2020 - 10:32

The World Health Organization said Tuesday it was extending its global emergency designation of the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of th

AFP on MSN.com Apr 26 2020 - 18:12

South African doctors have created the “intubox,” an innovation that helps limit exposure to coronavirus patients as they offer treatment.

YAHOO! Apr 24 2020 - 18:24

MONROVIA: Many Liberians remember Jerry Brown, the doctor leading the country's coronavirus response team, for his fearlessness during the Ebo

Geo News Apr 24 2020 - 09:07

MONROVIA, Liberia — Many Liberians remember Jerry Brown, the doctor leading the country’s coronavirus response team, for his fearlessness during th

Philippine Daily Inquirer Apr 24 2020 - 03:54

Dublin, April 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Ebolavirus Infections (Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever) - Pipeline Review, H1 2020" drug pipeline

YAHOO! Apr 24 2020 - 02:13

"We're looking for anything, because otherwise we don't have much other than high-quality critical care and good medicine," Dr.

CNBC Apr 23 2020 - 21:16

A nurse who helped tackle the Ebola outbreak in Africa is using the skills he learnt there to fight coronavirus in the UK.

ITV Apr 23 2020 - 12:47

On 10 April 2020, a new case of Ebola was confirmed in the city of Beni, North-Kivu, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

ReliefWeb Apr 23 2020 - 12:44

Richard Preston, who wrote the 1994 book "The Hot Zone," explains what we can learn from his terrifying story of an Ebola outbreak among

YAHOO! Apr 23 2020 - 07:07

Dr Marie-Rosaline Belizaire is an epidemiologist from Haiti.

Al Jazeera English Apr 23 2020 - 05:06

Prisma Health studying Ebola drug as treatment for COVID-19 A drug first developed to treat the deadly Ebola is being studied at Prisma Health to d

Greenville News Apr 23 2020 - 02:44

It was October 2014. The Ebola virus had suddenly gone from a distant concern in West Africa to a worry at home.

Anniston Star Apr 22 2020 - 18:20

The world economy has ground to a halt. The travel industry numbers show it. They’re devastating.

Townhall Apr 22 2020 - 13:30

The world economy has ground to a halt. The travel industry numbers show it. They're devastating.

Townhall Apr 22 2020 - 13:30

U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted in 2014 that governors were making a mistake by backing off Ebola quarantines.

Snopes.com Apr 22 2020 - 13:16

Joe Biden should watch that interview from MSNBC this week wherein anchor Katy Tur had to remind the mayor of Las Vegas that none of the disease ou

Washington Examiner Apr 22 2020 - 11:54

Joe Biden should watch that interview from MSNBC this week wherein anchor Katy Tur had to remind the mayor of Las Vegas that none of the disease ou

Washington Examiner Apr 22 2020 - 11:54

Pipeline Review, H1 2020" drug pipelines has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

YAHOO! Apr 22 2020 - 02:29

An antiviral drug used to treat Ebola may be an effective medicine for patients with severe COVID-19, very preliminary results from part of a clini

Fox News Apr 22 2020 - 02:08

Our work with the Ebola epidemic in Liberia in 2014-2015 and more recently in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) provides a vivid example of just h

Mercy Corps Apr 21 2020 - 17:39

From 13 to 19 April 2020, four new confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) were reported in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, all from Ben

ReliefWeb Apr 21 2020 - 15:46

Despite new vaccines, therapeutics, and the extensive lessons learned from the West African Ebola outbreak, the DRC’s 2018–2020 outbreak has taken

Nature Apr 21 2020 - 08:27

As the grim reality of COVID-19 unfolds, families and health care workers in the United States are faced with dealing with the horrifying magnitude

YAHOO! Apr 21 2020 - 05:50

I have worked for many years as an infectious disease doctor and public health official, during emerging disease outbreaks, such as Ebola virus dis

The National Interest Apr 20 2020 - 23:56

LP INFORMATION recently released a research report on the Ebola Vaccine market analysis, which studies the Ebola Vaccine's industry coverage,

openpr.com Apr 20 2020 - 23:21

The World Health Organization breaks down contact tracing into three basic steps: contact identification, contact listing and contact follow-up.

USA Today Apr 20 2020 - 16:25

Current political and economic issues succinctly explained.

Cfr.org Apr 20 2020 - 13:13

A patient infected with Ebola has escaped from a clinic in eastern Congo, which could set efforts to contain a flare up of the disease back signifi

The Independent on MSN.com Apr 20 2020 - 05:12

A nurse who worked on the frontline of the Ebola outbreak is now leading the fight against coronavirus at the Nightingale North West in Manchester.

ITV Apr 20 2020 - 04:53

While much of the world is focused on COVID-19, it’s easy to forget that other deadly viruses are out there.

New Atlas Apr 19 2020 - 23:25

Whether it's transparent communication or prioritizing a rapid response, many across Africa learned lessons in how to treat disease outbreaks

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Apr 19 2020 - 20:56

Infectious disease scientists report early development of a potential universal vaccine for Ebola viruses that preclinical tests show might neutral

Science Daily Apr 19 2020 - 16:03

Source: economictimes.indiatimes.com The one vaccine that has got the most votes for is anti-malarial drug but a recent study has shown that the an

ScoopWhoop Apr 19 2020 - 06:25

And one of the largest clinical trials in the world for the drug is happening at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

11Alive Apr 19 2020 - 02:05

While other Australians clamoured to flee Cambodia, this man chose to use his experience working for the Red Cross in Africa to protect his family

ABC NEWS on MSN.com Apr 18 2020 - 13:00

A two-year-old boy in rural Guinea died of Ebola in December 2014.

The National Interest Apr 18 2020 - 11:27