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The 'dengue belt' stretches around much of the planet crossing continents, cultures and time zones, a vast region linked by a common fate

Medical Xpress Mar 19 2021 - 09:56

VIENTIANE, March 19 (Xinhua) -- The dengue fever cases in Laos have reached 156 since January, according to a report by Lao Ministry of Health.

Xinhua Mar 19 2021 - 03:01

Aedes aegypti are the primary vector for mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever.

Prevention Web Mar 19 2021 - 02:57

This retrospective cohort study aims to elucidate the impact of extreme rainfall and temperature on mosquito abundance and the risk of arboviral in

Prevention Web Mar 19 2021 - 02:29

With a changing climate and extreme weather like floods expected to become more frequent and intense, this could mean more outbreaks of mosquito-bo

Mongabay Mar 18 2021 - 11:03

Deputy commissioner Aun Haidar Gondal said here on Wednesday that negligence of concerned departments in prevention of dengue fever would not be to

Dawn Mar 17 2021 - 18:57

Over 3,000 dengue patients have been detected from January 1 to March 15 this year, Health Ministry Dengue Control Unit Director Dr.

MSN Mar 16 2021 - 17:00

Health officials have ramped up surveillance and vector control activities to deal with cases of dengue in the district.

The Hindu Mar 16 2021 - 12:20

Although there has not been an outbreak of dengue fever in the country, Ministry of Health and Medical Services is worried about the Northern Divis

Fiji Times Mar 16 2021 - 04:09

KOCHI: With dengue cases reported from several parts of Ernakulam, the district surveillance team has advised people to take preventive measures to

The New Indian Express Mar 15 2021 - 18:03

Rawalpindi reported the first case of dengue fever for 2021 on Friday.

Daily Times Mar 12 2021 - 16:58

Over 70% of the population at risk for dengue worldwide live in the South-East Asian and Western Pacific regions, which experience nearly 75% of th

Medscape Mar 12 2021 - 16:00

THE number of dengue fever cases recorded in the country have risen to 144 in the time since January, according to the latest report by the Lao Min

The Star Mar 12 2021 - 16:00

Dengue is a vector-borne disease, transmitted by two types of mosquito vectors; the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopictus, where the life-cycle of the

Nature Mar 12 2021 - 04:56

RAWALPINDI: The district health department has confirmed that first patient diagnosed with mosquito-borne disease dengue in Rawalpindi division so

Daily Times Mar 12 2021 - 02:54

A dengue patient rests next to relatives inside a mosquito tent at a hospital in Pakistan on August 19, 2017.

Geo News Mar 12 2021 - 02:18

VIENTIANE, March 12 (Xinhua) -- The cases of dengue fever recorded in Laos have risen to 144 in the time since January, according to a report by th

China Internet Information Center Mar 12 2021 - 01:22

The Lao Ministry of Health has urged people to be highly vigilant against Covid-19 and dengue fever.

The Star Mar 11 2021 - 23:53

LAHORE: Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid chaired the Cabinet meeting on Dengue prevention at the Darbar Hall of the Civil Secretariat here o

MSN Mar 11 2021 - 19:37

THE Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) got a boost in its capability to respond to emergencies after...

The Manila Times Mar 11 2021 - 16:11

Access or non-access to tap water is an important risk factor for spread of mosquito causing vector-borne dengue disease, according to an internati

The Pioneer Mar 11 2021 - 13:50

The mosquito protein AEG12 strongly inhibits the family of viruses that cause yellow fever, dengue, West Nile, and Zika and weakly inhibits coronav

National Institutes of Health Mar 10 2021 - 14:10

Health officials have found dengue mosquitoes in the Northern Territory outback after they likely hitched a ride from tropical north Queensland.

The Canberra Times Mar 8 2021 - 19:54

Aedes aegypti, or Dengue mosquito, has been detected during routine exotic mosquito surveillance carried out by Medical Entomology officers of the

Armed robbery in Revesby Mar 8 2021 - 17:49

Global Dengue Vaccines Market Growth (Status and Outlook) 2021-2026 presents extremely oblique professional analysis, providing a detailed analysis

PharmiWeb Mar 8 2021 - 14:36

THE mosquito breed responsible for carrying the Dengue virus has been detected in Tennant Creek for the first time in a decade.

Northern Territory News Mar 8 2021 - 14:26

Trichy/Madurai: Water conservation measures by locals to manage during the summer has turned into a threat as dengue cases continue to rise in Madu

India Times Mar 7 2021 - 15:03

Amid the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, the threat of dengue and malaria has started looming large in Bhopal.

Middle East North Africa Financial Network Mar 7 2021 - 11:26

In Bhopal, the threat of dengue and malaria has started looming large.

Medindia Mar 7 2021 - 06:05

The danger of dengue and malaria in Madhya Pradesh's capital Bhopal has increased even more rapidly due to increasing cases of coronavirus epi

News Track Mar 7 2021 - 02:04

The Lao government continues to closely monitor people entering the country in efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The Star Mar 4 2021 - 23:30

Dengue cases in Laos have reached 131 since January, according to a report from the Lao Ministry of Health.

The Star Mar 4 2021 - 02:21

A surprising new interaction between the dengue and Zika viruses sheds light on the significant fetal brain abnormalities linked to Zika.

Futurity News Mar 3 2021 - 16:00

Dengue and rat fever cases in the country during the past month stood at 1,672 and 372, respectively, Kurunegala DMO Dr. S.M.A.

Daily News on MSN.com Mar 3 2021 - 16:00

More than 10 people in Fiji have died from leptospirosis so far this year, local media reported Wednesday citing the Fijian health minister.

Xinhua Mar 3 2021 - 01:21

CONSTRUCTION sites known for being mosquito breeding grounds will be inspected by Klang Municipal Council (MPK) health inspectors next week.

The Star Mar 2 2021 - 16:25

VOV.VN - The south-central province of Khanh Hoa has endured a spike in dengue fever cases after recording 1,160 new cases since the beginning of t

VOV Online Mar 2 2021 - 04:05

Move over Dengue Fever.* Paulo Costa has an explanation for what happened in his loss to Israel Adesanya at UFC 253: a lot of wine.

SB Nation on MSN.com Mar 1 2021 - 05:00

A TOTAL of 207 dengue cases were reported in Petaling Jaya as of end February.

The Star Feb 28 2021 - 16:11

By NewsDesk  @bactiman63 In the first 54 days of 2021 alone, Acre registered 1,683 cases of dengue, according to the Department of Health Surveilla

Pink Feb 28 2021 - 16:03

By NewsDesk  @bactiman63 While it is early in 2021, the two countries reporting the most dengue fever to date in southeast Asia are Vietnam and the

Pink Feb 27 2021 - 11:08

Mosquitos capable of spreading dengue fever have invaded the capital, according to a study published February 18.

Khmer Times Feb 27 2021 - 04:26

An international course on dengue fever and its epidemiological situation in the world and the region will be hosted by Cuba from August 10th to th

Radio Havana Cuba Feb 27 2021 - 00:11

The need for calculating the estimated increase in dengue cases during rains before the arrival of the monsoon season was stressed during a meeting

The Express Tribune Feb 25 2021 - 20:55

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK now offers Filipinos wider health coverage against the risks brought by dengue, with two variants of its insurance

BusinessWorld on MSN.com Feb 25 2021 - 16:00

Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Pechuho has said that the monsoon season will bring about a rise in vector-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria and

Samaa Feb 25 2021 - 07:15

More than a year after it began, the covid-19 pandemic is still not showing any indications that it will be over soon.

The Rio Times Feb 24 2021 - 06:31

Dengue, zika, and chikungunya are transmitted to humans and non-human primates by infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

Medical Xpress Feb 24 2021 - 05:09

The Ministry of Health of Laos on February 22 called on the people nationwide to be vigilant against dengue fever, towards effectively controlling

Vietnam Investment Reviev Feb 23 2021 - 00:16

The Lao Ministry of Health has urged people countrywide to remain vigilant and help control the spread of dengue fever as the number of infected ca

The Star Feb 22 2021 - 21:50