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HAITI (CBSNewYork/AP) — Efforts continue to help Haitians devastated by Hurricane Matthew after the storm devastated the area, destroying villages

CBS New York Oct 13 2016 - 08:18

"Hurricane Matthew has devastated parts of the island".

Mag-Series USA Oct 13 2016 - 02:13

"Everything is depleted... We hear helicopters flying overhead, but we're not getting anything".

thelakeandeswave.com Oct 13 2016 - 01:58

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) — The Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), has warned that acute diarrheal diseases, including cholera are threaten

Jamaica Observer Oct 13 2016 - 01:01

PORT-A-PIMENT, Haiti (Reuters) - Foreign medics with orange stretchers and gallons of chlorine are stemming a cholera outbreak on Haiti's hurr

Yahoo News Oct 12 2016 - 23:06

The objective of our visit to Pestel – together with the NGO Acted, one of UNICEFs main partners in the response to cholera in the Grand Anse – is

blogs.unicef.org Oct 12 2016 - 20:15

The daughter of 84-year-old Armant Germain replaces the sheets on her bed, in the cholera ward at a hospital in Les Cayes Haiti, Oct. 11, 2016.

newsgram.com Oct 12 2016 - 19:10

Last week, Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, dealing another blow to our poorest, most challenged neighbor.

The Miami Herald Oct 12 2016 - 17:59

Cholera is claiming more lives in Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, which has reportedly killed 1,000 people.

Yahoo News Oct 12 2016 - 17:59

A girl walks in front of a house that was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in Dame-Marie, Haiti on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016.

Canal CNC Arauca Oct 12 2016 - 16:33

LES CAYES, Haiti (AP) — Hurricane Matthew first took the home of Sonette Crownal in a town on Haiti's southern coast.

Chron Oct 12 2016 - 16:11

In Haiti’s hurricane-battered southwest, the scene is repeated daily, hourly, moment by moment.

Los Angeles Times Oct 12 2016 - 12:51

Doctors in Haiti are worried about a spike in cholera cases. Some 10,000 people died after an outbreak back in 2010.

WUKY Oct 12 2016 - 10:42

Foreign experts Academics were enraged last week by the assertion that the UK government had barred foreign academics from advising on Brexit proje

Nature Oct 12 2016 - 08:33

The BBC reports at least 13 people have contracted cholera and died following flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

thelakeandeswave.com Oct 12 2016 - 04:23

Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health and Population (MOPHP) has officially announced the occurrence of 8 cholera cases among population in one of the

awdnews.com Oct 12 2016 - 04:23

"On the forecast track, the center of Matthew will continue to move near or over the coast of SC today, and be near the coast of southern Nort

le Globaliste Oct 12 2016 - 03:18

The international community is stepping up efforts to provide aid to hurricane-ravaged Haiti, as fears of an expanded cholera outbreak heighten.

Reuters Oct 12 2016 - 02:50

Many parts of Haiti devastated by Hurricane Matthew are still without aid as the UN launches an emergency appeal to help thousands at risk of eithe

NBC News Oct 12 2016 - 01:31

LES CAYES, Haiti (AP) — Food, water and building supplies began to reach remote corners of Haiti on Wednesday as tens of thousands of people slowly

TPM Oct 11 2016 - 23:58

The interim president of Haiti has played down the international aid response to Hurricane Matthew.

Euronews Oct 11 2016 - 23:00

As Haiti continues to count its dead and assess damage following devastating Hurricane Matthew, doctors and public health officers warn the risk of

Voice of America Oct 11 2016 - 18:14

11 October 2016 – One week after Hurricane Matthew slammed into Haiti, United Nations agencies are continuing the massive relief effort under way o

UN News Centre Oct 11 2016 - 15:29

PORT-AU-PRINCE – Haiti faces the risk of famine after Hurricane Matthew left the country devastated, interim president Jocelerme Privert warned on

Curacao Chronicle Oct 11 2016 - 14:47

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Big Country Homepage Oct 11 2016 - 14:39

Medics are working to stop the spread of cholera in the war-torn Yemeni capital, Sanaa, where a small outbreak has been reported among families who

Reuters Oct 11 2016 - 11:55

The people of Haiti face a new terror, just days after Hurricane Matthew blasted the Caribbean nation: cholera.

USA Today Oct 11 2016 - 10:57

There is mounting concern in Haiti amid fears of an outbreak of cholera in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Euronews Oct 11 2016 - 09:39

As Haiti began rebuilding in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, aid groups worried that cholera and other diseases would quickly spread in the flood wa

PBS Oct 11 2016 - 09:32

SANAA – More cases of cholera have been registered in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, a World Health Organization (WHO) official said on Tuesday.

FOX News Oct 11 2016 - 09:24

Jeremie, Haiti (CNN)The World Health Organization is sending a million cholera vaccine doses to Haiti, it announced Tuesday, amid concerns over the

CNN Oct 11 2016 - 08:41

The people of Hati have continued to plead for essential resources in the wake of Hurricane Matthew’s wrath, with the presence of Cholera dangerous

Vibe Oct 11 2016 - 05:50

Hurricane Matthew ripped through The Bahamas, Haiti and the United States last week.

The Urban Twist Oct 11 2016 - 05:35

Jeremie, Haiti (CNN)Hurricane Matthew has left Haiti, but the danger is far from over as the number of cholera cases now is on the rise.

CNN Oct 11 2016 - 03:26

One week after the brutal Hurricane Matthew passed by Haiti, the country is still experiencing a lot of loss.

ENSTARS Oct 11 2016 - 01:53

In the aftermath of natural disasters, the death toll from the disaster itself often continues to climb because of disease outbreaks.

Forbes Oct 11 2016 - 01:25

Many parts of Haiti devastated by Hurricane Matthew were still without aid early Tuesday, as the U.N.

NBC News Oct 11 2016 - 01:03

The campaign is aimed at quashing new outbreaks before the peak transmission of cholera in the Caribbean country which is from November to January,

Reuters Oct 11 2016 - 00:56

GENEVA (Reuters) - The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that it was sending 1 million doses of cholera vaccine to Haiti, where cases of th

The Huffington Post Oct 11 2016 - 00:06

The toll from Matthew in Haiti continues to worsen.

CBS News Oct 10 2016 - 23:45

Haiti faces a surge in cholera cases after Hurricane Matthew devastated the country on Oct. 4.

Nature World News Oct 10 2016 - 21:21

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN)Haiti's leader says Hurricane Matthew's assault has accelerated the already existing cholera epidemic and unde

CNN Oct 10 2016 - 18:15

A boy receives treatment for cholera after Hurricane Matthew in the Hospital of Port-a-Piment, Haiti, October 9, 2016.

Reuters Oct 10 2016 - 18:15

Doctors in Haiti are warning the death toll from Hurricane Matthew could continue to rise due to a cholera outbreak.

newsy.com Oct 10 2016 - 15:09

Across Haiti there is a real fear about what's is happening in places that have been cut off due to Hurricane Matthew as the roads remain impa

NBC Universal Media Oct 10 2016 - 13:50

Shocking scenes show patients arriving at the Port-a-Piment hospital every 10 or 15 minutes as Haiti struggles to deal with the devastation of the

The Daily Express Oct 10 2016 - 12:03

Haitians in the areas worst hit by deadly Hurricane Matthew anxiously sat tight and prayed for help amid deep anxiety over potential cholera outbre

WGAL Pennsylvania Channel 8 Oct 10 2016 - 10:51

When you look at the footage out of Haiti post-Hurricane Matthew, and the devastation in the country, one can be left heartbroken for this struggli

Peoria Journal Star Oct 10 2016 - 09:26

(CNN)Haitians in the areas worst hit by Hurricane Matthew are desperately awaiting assistance six days after the storm, as concerns grow about pote

CNN Oct 10 2016 - 08:50

MARFRANC, Haiti - At a cramped police station serving as a makeshift clinic, Darline Derosier fastened IV drips to jail cell bars, wiped the brows

CBS News Oct 10 2016 - 07:38