Headlines for AIDS

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Activists called for amendments to the HIV/AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill, 2016 which has recently been cleared by the Cabinet.

The Hindu Oct 19 2016 - 17:29

Conservative writer and radio host Dennis Prager believes straight people contracting HIV/AIDS and the reported high rates of women victimized by s

LGBTQ Nation Oct 19 2016 - 16:53

A Professor of Medicine and Head of the Division of AIDS at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Dr.

McGill Publications Oct 19 2016 - 16:53

The goal of truly smart hearing aids is more than just to make everything louder — it’s making what the listener wants to hear louder and easier to

techgrapple.com Oct 19 2016 - 16:03

ATLANTIC CITY — A 17-year-old city youth was arrested Wednesday for a shooting earlier this week that left a woman injured by flying debris, police

New Jersey Online Oct 19 2016 - 15:56

Two people died from AIDS this year, Health Minister Chris Fearne told Labour MP Luciano Busuttil this evening.

Times of Malta Oct 19 2016 - 12:00

Hey, look, if you’re a moron who believes nonsense and you’re in denial about reality, why not claim that there’s no such thing as heterosexual peo

www.queerty.com Oct 19 2016 - 11:24

BINGHAMTON, NY – Scientists at Binghamton University, State University of New York want to improve sensor technology critical to billions of device

scienmag.com Oct 19 2016 - 10:12

Earlier this year, I was commissioned to write a comprehensive report about HIV/AIDS long-term survivors.

The Body Oct 19 2016 - 09:58

Information about the D.C.

Washington Blade Oct 19 2016 - 09:01

According to the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, an estimated 650,000 children in Uganda have been orphaned by AIDS.

Library Journal Oct 19 2016 - 08:25

HIV and AIDS cases have been on the rise in Arizona, and although they are treatable, they don’t have cures.

azcentral.com Oct 19 2016 - 08:10

For the CEO of one of the largest health care and research organizations serving the LGBT community in Chicago David Munar’s office is pretty small

Chicago Defender Oct 19 2016 - 07:35

Frank Gossett is a missionary chaplain at Holman Correctional Facility serving through We Care Program.

At More News Oct 19 2016 - 04:43

Hearing loss is a common sensory impairment in childhood.

Medgadget Oct 19 2016 - 04:00

Tim Murphy’s new novel, Christodora, is a book epic in scope and reminiscent of Michael Cunningham’s Flesh and Blood.

hivplusmag.com Oct 19 2016 - 03:24

The Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) has set for itself an elaborate plan of activities over the next five years to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Ghana Business News Oct 19 2016 - 02:56

Parliament has approved a three year maximum jail term for discriminating against persons living with HIV/AIDS.

www.newsghana.com.gh Oct 19 2016 - 00:25

In a state as expensive as California, and during a political year as crowded as 2016, most organizations would struggle to sponsor just one ballot

sandiegouniontribune.com Oct 19 2016 - 00:11

Prominent Trump-backing radio host Dennis Prager has claimed that it is a “left-wing lie” to say straight people get AIDS.

Pink News Oct 18 2016 - 21:12

AIDS the Pandemic often seems like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rolled into one devastating creature.

observer.org.sz Oct 18 2016 - 17:59

HIV is a health condition that is very hard to be detected by doctors at its early stages except with a proper diagnosis, there are a few signs tha

inminutes.com Oct 18 2016 - 17:37

Whatever one thinks of the PCAST and NASEM recommendations to improve access & affordability for consumers, as well as any looming changes to c

hearinghealthmatters.org Oct 18 2016 - 16:40

Raw: Cooler Weather Aids Colo.

USA Today Oct 18 2016 - 08:33

The move for AI-enabled personal shopping assistants is heating up, with eBay the latest to join the chatbot movement.

Forbes Oct 18 2016 - 06:31

Fiber aids in weight loss because it leaves you feeling full on fewer calories.

FOX News Oct 18 2016 - 06:10

Ethics and Integrity minister Rev. Fr.

theinsider.ug Oct 18 2016 - 06:03

Editor’s Note: This is the latest installment in our Chattajack prep series.

distressedmullet.com Oct 18 2016 - 05:41

The Centre of Awareness Ghana (COA) has cleared the air that its newly developed COA 72 is an unfinished HIV/AIDS medication still being researched

Ghana Web Oct 18 2016 - 05:13

Parliament has passed the Ghana AIDS Commission Bill 2015. The Bill gives legal backing to the establishment of the Ghana AIDS Commission.

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Oct 18 2016 - 02:42

In the late 1980s and 1990s, the AIDS epidemic was rampant in the United States.

Vibe Oct 18 2016 - 01:59

The maker of Band-Aids, medical devices and biologic drugs such as psoriasis treatment Stelara on Tuesday reported net income of $4.27 billion, or

Townhall Finance Oct 18 2016 - 01:17

Robb Reichard, executive director of AIDS Fund Philly and Gary Bell, executive director of BEBASHI, talk about this year’s AIDS Walk and the progra

wogl.cbslocal.com Oct 18 2016 - 00:48

Hillary Clinton's campaign staff worried about how to respond to a comment involving former first lady Nancy Reagan and AIDS, leaked emailed r

Chicago Pride Oct 18 2016 - 00:19

The Centre of Awareness, COA has reiterated that the drug it discovered to have a potential cure for HIV and AIDS is currently still undergoing the

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Oct 17 2016 - 23:15

Jakarta City Council B Commission Chairman, Tuabgus Arif, wants budget proposal can be accommodated in 2017 city budget draft.

Jakarta Berita Oct 17 2016 - 21:49

Twenty-two hours into A 24-Decade History of Popular Music, Taylor Mac, wearing a gown of gutted cassette tapes and a headpiece of skulls, guided t

Vulture Oct 17 2016 - 21:35

Peter Huber at City Journal has an excellent corrective to the narrative, accepted as gospel among liberals/progressives, that the Reagan Administr

The National Review Online Oct 17 2016 - 18:14

Suzanne Braden, founder of Pandas International, delivers a speech at the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda in Dujiangyan,

CRIENGLISH Oct 17 2016 - 18:07

One of those providers is Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the nation's largest provider of HIV and AIDS medical services.

Courthouse News Service Oct 17 2016 - 17:38

On Saturday, October 22, the Palm Springs community comes together for the Desert AIDS Walk, raising funds for the Desert AIDS Project.

boston.edgemedianetwork.com Oct 17 2016 - 16:55

The Canadian AIDS Society received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada for 25 years.

dailyxtra.com Oct 17 2016 - 14:39

IRVINE, CA and SANTA ANA, CA - AIDS Services Foundation Orange County (ASF) a nonprofit AIDS service organization that has helped more than 7,000 p

Broadway World Oct 17 2016 - 11:19

Fort Worth police have arrested a man suspected in the fatal stabbing that took place last week at the Villages at Samaritan House, the Fort Worth

Dallas News Oct 17 2016 - 07:16

The Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS says it is working to address the growing shortage of antiretroviral drugs in various health facilities in Niger

Punch Oct 17 2016 - 06:40

A big crowd turned out at the 29th annual AIDS Walk in Austin.

KEYE TV Oct 17 2016 - 06:11

WASHINGTON (AP) — Hacked emails released in daily dispatches over the weekend by the WikiLeaks group showed Hillary Clinton‘s campaign staff worrie

LGBTQ Nation Oct 17 2016 - 05:57

In this lecture marking World AIDS Day 2016, Prof. Cook traces the emotional landscape of Britain at a key turning point in the history of AIDS.

historyworkshop.org.uk Oct 17 2016 - 03:48