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Antibiotic drug resistance has become a huge issue, so much so that world leaders passed a declaration aimed at slowing the spread of antibiotic-re

naturalsociety.com Oct 10 2016 - 12:39

Earlier this year, The Washington Post published an article discussing how researchers in the United States had for the first time discovered a per

WebWire Oct 10 2016 - 07:45

Soon, though, she was fighting for her life.

Personal Liberty Digest Oct 9 2016 - 23:24

"Superbugs don't respect political or geographical boundaries, so we have to work together to address this public health threat.

naturalnews.com Oct 9 2016 - 22:20

Many thousands of Californians are dying every year from infections they caught while in hospitals.

laketahoenews.net Oct 9 2016 - 22:20

[Related: Patient sues scope manufacturer amid UCLA superbug outbreak] Superbugs pose a serious threat to nursing homes, which are hotbeds for bact

Daily Bruin Oct 9 2016 - 20:11

The answer to dealing with superbugs in hospitals may have been sitting at your kitchen table all along.

630 CHED Oct 9 2016 - 19:35

Superbugs are disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that have developed resistance to antibiotics.

Stuff Oct 9 2016 - 09:05

China’s over-reliance on antibiotics in food production places the nation at heightened risk of spawning superbugs, genetically evolved bacterial s

Killeen Daily Herald Oct 9 2016 - 02:39

Researchers also think this giant-petri-dish model will be useful in studying what different nutrients and other environmental constraints do to ba

curiosity.com Oct 8 2016 - 03:16

Summary: Here Stratfor provides a status report on the fight against superbugs — drug-resistant germs — one of the great threats facing us in the 2

Fabius Maximus Oct 8 2016 - 02:26

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Los Angeles County plans to require hospitals to begin reporting when patients are infected with a certain highly lethal superbu

Patch Oct 7 2016 - 07:35

All this while, research, development, and production of drugs have primarily focused on “bad microbes”, that is, microbes that cause disease or il

biotechin.asia Oct 7 2016 - 00:39

The rise and proliferation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is becoming an increasingly prominent threat, not just here in the states but across th

Natural News Oct 6 2016 - 16:54

You may have heard the term “superbugs” in some media headlines. You’ve also probably been prescribed an antibiotic by a doctor before.

thetempest.co Oct 6 2016 - 15:28

The new funds relate to two major national initiatives created in recent years since the threat of "superbugs" became a national issue: t

Med India Oct 6 2016 - 13:19

Bacteria that are resistant to current antibiotics can be killed by using peptide polymers. At a United Nations General Assembly meeting on Sept.

The Johns Hopkins Newsletter Oct 6 2016 - 08:40

As superbugs capture attention as a worldwide health threat, Washington University will be part of a national campaign against drug-resistant bacte

St. Louis Post-Dispatch Oct 6 2016 - 04:23

Antibiotic resistance to superbugs is a terrifying ordeal that humanity is facing. And up until now, we have been on the losing side.

www.deviantworld.com Oct 6 2016 - 02:14

According to a new study its has been found that increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria or ‘superbugs’ makes the situation difficult for the doc

24indianews.com Oct 5 2016 - 23:36

To the editor: First, my condolences to the family of Sharley McMullen, who died after acquiring a bacterial infection in the hospital.

Los Angeles Times Oct 5 2016 - 16:55

This development looks promising. and this is the best part: SNAPPs appear to pose no threat to healthy tissue, they only attack bacteria.

transterrestrial.com Oct 5 2016 - 12:52

When a new antibiotic comes out, it usually doesn't take long for it to stop working as well as it should.

fastcoexist.com Oct 5 2016 - 09:46

LOS ANGELES: Increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria or 'superbugs' is making it more difficult to treat a common but severe kidney inf

Economic Times Oct 5 2016 - 07:16

Increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria or 'superbugs' is making it more difficult to treat a common but severe kidney infection, a new

Deccan Herald Oct 5 2016 - 01:46

World leaders have committed US$790m to fighting superbugs.

THE CONVERSATION Oct 5 2016 - 01:46

But for the past three years, Shu Lam, a Malaysian PhD student at the University of Melbourne, has confined herself to a scientific laboratory to w

heraldlive.co.za Oct 5 2016 - 01:39

All around the world, drug-resistant infections are on the rise.

Al Arabiya News Oct 5 2016 - 01:39

(NaturalNews) A new report by the European Public Health Alliance has revealed that Big Pharma is fueling the spread of antibiotic resistance throu

naturalnews.com Oct 4 2016 - 21:14

Did you hear the one about the 25-year-old woman who might have found a way to save us all from superbugs? It's a good one.

The Stir Oct 4 2016 - 20:17

A research team at the University of Melbourne led by graduate student Shu Lam has nanoengineered a peptide polymer that attacks and kills a deadly

Forbes Oct 4 2016 - 19:55

“There is the danger that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and, by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug (antibio

wisemindhealthybody.com Oct 4 2016 - 16:57

A new federal policy aimed at reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics in agriculture may not be as effective as officials intended — at least i

www.statnews.com Oct 4 2016 - 08:50

On September 20th, the United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon presided over the U.N.’s first-ever general assembly meeting on the topic of “s

Pacific Standard Oct 4 2016 - 05:58

Infected live pigs are being imported from countries like Denmark Prof Erik Millstone of Sussex University said the emergence of antibiotic-resista

www.thesun.co.uk Oct 4 2016 - 05:44

“Superbugs”—bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics—pose an increasing health risk in the United States and around the world.

ktrh.iheart.com Oct 4 2016 - 03:06

The United Nations in its first general assembly meeting on drug-resistant bacteria (commonly known as superbugs) declared antimicrobial resistance

theweek.in Oct 3 2016 - 23:10

But if we are going to adopt an intelligent view about the risks posed by the Syrian conflict, by far the biggest risk is not being subject to a ra

The National Oct 3 2016 - 22:48

For coders and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) specialists, the nuances and changes regarding coding superbug infections remain as dynamic

icd10monitor.com Oct 3 2016 - 20:40

Potentially fatal bugs are a part of everyday life but it's important not to misplace your fear, an expert says.

Stuff Oct 3 2016 - 19:42

EDMONTON – Doug Olson isn’t a scientist but he invented something in his garage that has the potential to save lives from superbugs.

Global News Oct 3 2016 - 18:16

AT the opening of the Summit of the United Nations General Assembly on Sept 20, it sounded much like the swan song of two of the regular stalwarts

triplecrisis.com Oct 3 2016 - 16:58

Emerging plagues, viruses and superbugs threaten to kill tens of millions.

Natural News Oct 3 2016 - 11:28

In speaking to Prof Erik Millstone of Sussex University The Guardian established that the emergence of antibiotic-resistant superbugs from agricult

Herald Express Oct 3 2016 - 11:07

The discovery will fuel concern that families are being put at risk from superbugs found on food being brought into the nation's kitchens.

Daily Mail Oct 3 2016 - 10:10

Prof Erik Millstone of Sussex University added that the emergence of antibiotic-resistant superbugs from agriculture was “a huge threat to human he

The Guardian Oct 3 2016 - 06:13

Many thousands of Californians are dying every year from infections they caught while in hospitals.

libertyunyielding.com Oct 3 2016 - 05:45

Since 9/11 some 200,000 Americans are dead from Superbug infections in American hospitals! About the same number from gun violence!

markbruzonsky.wordpress.com Oct 3 2016 - 05:02

Muslim medical students are refusing to obey hygiene rules brought in to stop the spread of deadly superbugs, because they say it is against their

overpassesforamerica.com Oct 3 2016 - 04:26

A story about a baby catching a life-threatening infection from a shopping trolley has made the headlines.

sciblogs.co.nz Oct 3 2016 - 03:22