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13 October 2016.

sciencebusiness.technewslit.com Oct 13 2016 - 12:35

Methane associated with coal beds is an important global resource of natural gas. Much of the methane in coal comes from microbial methanogenesis.

science.sciencemag.org Oct 13 2016 - 12:07


scienmag.com Oct 13 2016 - 10:26

While all soil has microbes living in it, disease-suppressive soil has certain types of microbes that can fight off disease.

Public Radio International Oct 13 2016 - 09:51

Soil health is a lot more complicated than most would like.

Farm And Ranch Guide Oct 13 2016 - 06:37

“We’ve always attributed those things to the plants themselves, what we’re increasingly understanding is the characteristic of their plant is somet

impactlab.net Oct 13 2016 - 04:14

AMHERST, Ma — A microbiologist at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has been awarded $2.5 million in the form of two grants from the U.S.

Mass Live The Republican Oct 12 2016 - 14:53

I always thought that, the less yard waste I removed from a property, the better.

jgilorganic.com Oct 12 2016 - 13:12

Stanford bioengineer has developed a microscope for mobile that provides a new way of learning about and interacting with microbes.

The Future of Retail Oct 12 2016 - 09:45

On June 3rd, a train loaded with highly volatile crude oil derailed just outside the small town of Mosier in Oregon’s Columbia River Valley.

Scientific American Oct 12 2016 - 09:09

I know – I know – it is all the rage right now to lament how we are not getting exposed to enough microbes and how that is damaging our immune syst

microbe.net Oct 12 2016 - 08:26

The microbes in and on your body are more numerous than the stars in the Milky Way.

The pilot Oct 12 2016 - 08:19

But what about microbes? How can minuscule changes in a cell’s mass be measured when the whole organism weighs just a picogram (10-12 grams)?

Discover Magazine Oct 12 2016 - 05:20

For the past several decades, farmers have been abandoning their plows in favor of a practice known as no-till agriculture.

Journal Gazette and Times Courier Oct 11 2016 - 17:53

As they grow, corals are bathed in a sea of marine microbes, such as bacteria, algae, and viruses.

Science Daily Oct 11 2016 - 16:55

Zymergen, a biotechnology startup that harnesses robots and machine learning to produce bioengineered microbes for customers in manufacturing and h

Xconomy Oct 11 2016 - 11:19

It takes real guts for a newborn baby to thrive these days.

FOX News Oct 11 2016 - 05:28

Many allergy experts say it is vital for our future health and that of our children to reduce hand washing and allow friendly microbes back into ou

www.thesun.co.uk Oct 11 2016 - 05:21

By combining a robotic workforce with advanced data processing, Zymergen aims to help businesses more efficiently and sustainably produce raw mater

The Business Journal Oct 11 2016 - 05:07

Doctoral student Cliff Kapono sets out on an adventure to map the surfer microbiome Surfers have a very intimate connection to the ocean.

HealthCanal Oct 11 2016 - 04:24

These days, promising a tech revolution can be worth a fortune in venture backing.

endpts.com Oct 11 2016 - 04:24

The company is trying to produce industrial chemicals from single-cell organisms, or microbes, to help make everything from surgical sutures to sup

Yahoo Finance Oct 11 2016 - 01:10

DURHAM — Soil microorganisms play a critical role in the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere, which is

Fosters Daily Democrat Oct 10 2016 - 22:47

Zymergen, a Bay Area startup creating all sorts of materials from genetically altered microbes, just raised $130 mil

uncova.com Oct 10 2016 - 21:21

Zymergen has developed a proprietary platform, which uses robots and machine learning to engineer microbes faster, more predictably, and to a level

Broadway World Oct 10 2016 - 21:07

Last month, Popular Science discussed the state of gut microbiome research and the often overgeneralized claims of many probiotics.

Popular Science Oct 10 2016 - 11:49

The term autophagy means “self” (auto) “eating” (phagy also refers to phagocytes which are immune cells that eat debris and microbes).

jonlieffmd.com Oct 10 2016 - 08:57

Centuries after its discovery, the microscopic realm of microorganisms remain disconnected from the macro-world of direct human perception, but tha

electronicproducts.com Oct 10 2016 - 08:35

Typically, our gut microbiota consists of several thousand different types of bacteria, as well as other microbes such as viruses and yeasts.

THE CONVERSATION Oct 10 2016 - 08:00

An easily assembled smartphone microscope provides new ways of interacting with and learning about common microbes.

eedesignit.com Oct 10 2016 - 05:08

Food for your microbes “Both in animals and in humans, when you ingest carnitine, microbes that live in your intestines digest the carnitine,” expl

nutritionaction.com Oct 10 2016 - 02:30

He is an SAB member of Optibiotix Ltd.

THE CONVERSATION Oct 9 2016 - 23:46

These benefits alone will decrease many ailments in the body, as 80 percent of our immune system is found in our digestive tract and lack of gut fl

sparkpeople.com Oct 9 2016 - 21:15

Doty’s lab specializes in studying how microbes help plants exist in stressful environments, such as those marked by high salt, low water, or high

The Daily Oct 9 2016 - 16:58

A 3D-printed microscope attachment can turn scientific observation into a video game.

mentalfloss.com Oct 9 2016 - 14:27

Each year, humans dump approximately 14 billion pounds of trash into the world’s oceans, much of it plastic.

healthfreedoms.org Oct 8 2016 - 22:35

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with microorganisms, many of which reside in our gastrointestinal tract, and they can be highly beneficial to

labroots.com Oct 8 2016 - 10:11

Before humans or animals, plants, dinosaurs, long before even algae, microbes were forming gooey mats on top of rocks.

WA today Oct 8 2016 - 09:14

Microbiology might not be everyone's idea of fun, but a new DIY project from Stanford University aims to bring ‘playful interaction’ to the st

Daily Mail Oct 7 2016 - 09:51

Scientists have developed a new 3D printed smartphone microscope that allows users to control live microbes and play games like Pac-Man with them.

The Hindu Oct 7 2016 - 07:20

The source of these emissions is methane—a greenhouse gas 34 times more powerful than carbon dioxide—that is produced by microbes eating organic ma

Green Car Reports Oct 7 2016 - 06:30

A new 3D-printed, easily assembled smartphone microscope lets kids play games or make more serious observations with light-seeking microbes called

Futurity Oct 7 2016 - 05:47

Researchers at Stanford University have created the LudusScope, which allows users to control microscopic organisms to play games like soccer andPa

newatlas.com Oct 6 2016 - 23:21

Plant and microbial sources worked but were inconsistent.

thehealthology.com Oct 6 2016 - 17:59

Scientists have developed a new 3D printed smartphone microscope that allows users to control live microbes and play games like Pac-Man with them.

Punemirror Oct 6 2016 - 17:51

Microorganisms from different kingdoms of life are actively working together or fighting against one another.

Med India Oct 6 2016 - 14:52

Introducing the LudusScope, a 3D-printed, open-sourced system that lets you control and play games with living microbes on your smartphone.

gizmodo.in Oct 6 2016 - 12:08

A new 3-D printed, easily assembled smartphone microscope developed at Stanford University turns microbiology into game time.

techxplore.com Oct 6 2016 - 04:44

Finally, Onishi researched how microgravity affects microbes living inside humans, possibly upsetting the immune system.

NASA Oct 6 2016 - 04:44