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To answer this question, scientists at Rutgers University built a simulated sewer to examine the microbe-laden biofilms that cling to sewer walls.

nsf.gov Jul 15 2020 - 13:29

In North America and Europe, people usually spend about 90 percent of their time indoors.

The Verge Jul 15 2020 - 10:31

Scientists say a century-long search for a bacteria that feeds on manganese – a hard, brittle metal – has come to an end.

Daily Mail Jul 15 2020 - 09:01

We might not want to think about it, but traditional bed sheets and towels are absolute petri dishes when it comes to bacteria and other nasty micr

Futurism Jul 14 2020 - 10:34

Spawning Sockeye Salmon The Kitwanga River is a biologically rich salmon producing system.VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIR

YAHOO! Jul 14 2020 - 08:48

Mask-wearing has divided the country, but hand-washing—one might think—is something virtually everyone would agree on.

Phys.org Jul 14 2020 - 06:37

But many millennials have washed their hands of bar soap, so to speak. They claim it’s contaminated with germs. Instead, they use liquid soap.

The Conversation on MSN.com Jul 14 2020 - 05:30

A pair of new NASA directives tweaks Planetary Protection policies to allow for human exploration of the Moon and Mars Preventing contamination of

BGR Jul 11 2020 - 08:06

NASA is updating its Planetary Protection Policies to include more details of how humans can contaminate space with their germs, as the agency gear

Daily Mail Jul 10 2020 - 13:38

Various diseases of the digestive tract, for example severe intestinal inflammation in humans, are closely linked to disturbances in the natural mo

Medical Xpress Jul 10 2020 - 05:20

After years of debate, NASA plans to update its guidelines for how much biological contamination of other worlds will be allowed while the agency e

The Verge Jul 9 2020 - 15:48

Some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are launching a $1 billion fund aimed at developing new antibiotics, a field many of them aban

Washington Post Jul 9 2020 - 15:23

Microbial cells are found in abundance in marine sediments beneath the ocean and make up a significant amount of the total microbial biomass on the

Phys.org Jul 9 2020 - 13:11

Oliver Harrison is the 2020 winner of the first annual NOSTER & Science Microbiome Prize for his work to illuminate a fundamental but poorly un

EurekAlert! Jul 9 2020 - 11:56

If NASA's Perseverance rover finds life on the Red Planet, there's a good chance our first extraterrestrial encounter will be a little am

Wired Jul 9 2020 - 11:12

Microbes found deeper in the ocean are believed to have slow population turnover rates and low amounts of available energy.

EurekAlert! Jul 9 2020 - 10:03

Some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies are launching a $1 billion fund aimed at developing new antibiotics, a field many of them aban

bnnbloomberg Jul 9 2020 - 07:21

Antibiotic makers have struggled with anemic investment and bankruptcies as fears of drug-resistant microbes force hospitals to adopt a more conser

CNBC Jul 9 2020 - 06:19

Scientists have discovered that one of the good bacteria found in the human gut has a benefit that has remained unrecognized until now: the potenti

News Medical Jul 8 2020 - 17:07

Cambridge Security Seals (CSS), a global leader in tamper-evident seals and security solutions, today unveiled its

Benzinga.com Jul 8 2020 - 06:20

But the best immune boosters don't suddenly rev up the body’s defenses; they support and optimize them over the long haul.

U.S. News & World Report Jul 7 2020 - 08:05

By highlighting these 21 species, we will spur research into exploring their use as probiotics, independently and in combination with other existin

Business Line Jul 7 2020 - 02:50

The microbiome is the genetic mix of microbes in the body that mostly live in the human gut.

The Irish Times Jul 6 2020 - 13:35

Many researchers consider this batch of microbes to be like an organ in itself: it consumes nutrients and pumps out a wide range of hormones and ne

Psychology Today Jul 6 2020 - 09:49

Over 100 trillion microbes are living on or inside our bodies that consist of communities of bacteria, as well as viruses, protozoa, and fungi.

News Medical Jul 6 2020 - 06:16

Scientists are investigating evidence of ancient terrestrial microbes preserved in Australia as well as mineral maps derived from Mars orbiter data

Eos Jul 3 2020 - 15:06

Trillions of microbes in the human gut help us digest food and get nutrients.

Labroots Jul 3 2020 - 13:43

Even when eating healthy foods, you might have very different results than others who eat the same meals.

YAHOO! Jul 2 2020 - 17:05

To meet this challenge, we chose Lactococcus lactis which is known for its ability to handle environmental stress and carried out Adaptive laborato

Nature Jul 2 2020 - 02:27

A collaborative team of Salk Institute and UC San Diego scientists have created a novel microbiome-based diagnostic tool that, with the accuracy of

EurekAlert! Jul 1 2020 - 12:31

The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP) and the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) present a free webinar on

EurekAlert! Jul 1 2020 - 01:28

Ever heard of Symprove – the celeb-beloved ' probiotic ' that claims to be the most effective and efficient on the market?

Women's Health Jun 30 2020 - 21:01

To tap into the growing pool of conscious consumers, Bengaluru-based sustainability-focused consumer brand The Better Home has launched a range of

Business Today Jun 30 2020 - 15:47

If you want to keep drinking raw milk, keep it in your refrigerator to minimize the risk of it developing bacteria with antibiotic-resistant genes,

Patch Jun 29 2020 - 22:55

Genomic variants that cause common periodic fever have spread in Mediterranean populations over centuries, potentially protecting people from the p

National Institutes of Health Jun 29 2020 - 08:23

Scientists studying a cyanobacterium isolated from rock samples in the Atacama Desert found out how the bacteria extract water to live.

Eos Jun 29 2020 - 05:48

Probiotics, manufactured mixtures of "good bacteria" that help digest food, have become a growing multibillion-dollar industry.

CBS News Jun 28 2020 - 16:14

You may be familiar with the idea that your gut and skin are home to a collection of microbes – fungi, bacteria and viruses – that are vital for ke

YAHOO! Jun 27 2020 - 17:04

Consuming probiotics for better gut functioning and keeping colds at bay is one thing, but you may have heard that emerging research suggests some

Bicycling Jun 26 2020 - 10:09

It's been months. And from rats turning hangry because of coronavirus shutdowns in the U.S.

Phys.org Jun 26 2020 - 06:47

Apollo Micro Systems Ltd, in collaboration with Defence the Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), has developed an Ultra Violet Germicidal

Business Line Jun 26 2020 - 05:35

Fever or fatigue, with or without a rash, can be a symptom of many things—and Lyme disease is just one possibility.

Health.com Jun 25 2020 - 09:30

Testing microbial activity in soil columns helps researchers understand how carbon is stored in soils that are periodically waterlogged.

EurekAlert! Jun 24 2020 - 21:04

The metabolism of cholesterol by these microbes may play an important role in reducing both intestinal and blood serum cholesterol concentrations,

Harvard Medical School Jun 24 2020 - 11:08

Microorganisms on the tongue could help diagnose heart failure, according to new research.

Science Daily Jun 24 2020 - 10:52

In a newly published commentary that we wrote with colleagues from across the U.S.

Times Union Jun 24 2020 - 06:08

But what you might not know is that some diseases or microbes related to your gut could result in neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s disease

MSN Jun 24 2020 - 04:04

In addition, this study was able to confirm previously made observations.

Medical Xpress Jun 23 2020 - 11:06

Mother's chronic prenatal psychological distress and elevated hair cortisol concentrations are associated with gut microbiota composition of t

News Medical Jun 23 2020 - 07:32

Assembly Biosciences, Inc. (Nasdaq: ASMB), a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing innovative therapeutics targeting.

YAHOO! Jun 22 2020 - 18:53