23rd International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry
Event Date:
09/24/2017 (All day) to 09/29/2017 (All day)


23rd International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry

Hotel Grand Chancellor Palm Cove
Palm Cove,
Cairns, Queensland,

The International Society for Environmental Biogeochemistry (ISEB)

The Symposium brings together environmental scientists with a diverse range of interests in an intimate setting which encourages close interactions and exchange of information.

2017 Symposium theme is: “From cells to Earth scale processes: traversing the breadth of temporal and spatial scales in biogeochemistry”.

The topics covered in the 23rd ISEB Symposium are:

- Biogeochemistry of mined/industrial environments and impacts of resource extraction
- Frontier techniques in environmental biogeochemistry and microbiology (e.g. –omics)
- Aquatic and terrestrial microbiology including studies on extreme environments
- Impacts of pollutants on ecosystems and their remediation
- Biological interactions and transformations of metallic and organic contaminants in the environment
- Soil, water and landscape processes (including atmospheric fluxes/interactions)
- Microbe-mineral-organic matter interactions
- Marine and coastal biogeochemistry (special focus on tropical coastal systems e.g. reefs)
- Biogeochemical cycling of major (C, N, P, S) and minor elements - methods, applications, fundamental and applied studies

September 24  - 29, 2017.

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